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From your design to Webflow. Elevate your design vision to a fully functional website seamlessly

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Figma Design to Webflow Solutions

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Figma Design to Webflow

Transform your Figma design concepts into captivating Webflow websites with our seamless development expertise. We use to the Client-First V2

Responsive Mobile Designs

Ensure your website looks flawless on all devices. We specialize in creating responsive designs that adapt seamlessly to various screen sizes and platforms

Custom Interactions and Animations

Add a touch of magic to your website with tailored Figma-to-Webflow interactions and animations. Engage your visitors and leave a lasting impression

SEO-Optimized Webflow Websites

Maximize your online visibility with SEO-friendly Webflow websites based on your Figma design and copy. Our experts implement best practices to ensure your site ranks well on search engines.

Webflow CMS Integration

Unlock the power of dynamic content with Webflow's CMS, seamlessly integrated with your Figma design. We'll set up a structured content management system that makes updating your site a breeze.

Custom Webflow Workshops

Empower your team with the knowledge to manage and update your Webflow website. Our workshops provide hands-on training and expert guidance

Production-Grade Development Quality

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Valued client experiences highlight our commitment to excellence

Working with Agota Studio was a pleasure. Their attention to detail and excellent communication set them apart

Derek Mei

Co-Founder @ Umeita Design LLC

Agota Studio elevated our brand with top-notch Webflow expertise. Their attention to detail and seamless integration with our brand identity was impressive.

Jonathan Hoffsuemmer

Founder & CEO @ Yieldpage

They're not just punctual; they're ahead of the game, meeting deadlines with ease.

Zack Beveridge

Product & Marketing Manager @ inBuild

Working with Agota Studio was a breeze. I highly recommend them and will definitely rehire for future projects.

James Potter

Founder @ Takota Ltd

Their technical knowledge was impressive. The team was efficient, hardworking, and on top of the ball. They communicated effectively through emails and messaging apps. Overall, they did a great job and stood out for their technical expertise.

Adrian Moriconi

Founder @ KILR Web Design

The web development work from Agota Studio surpassed my expectations. Their proactive approach and impeccable quality set them apart.

Yves Laurent

Managing Partner @ Cayo Ventures GmbH

Their skills and abilities are impressive. They exhibited exceptional responsiveness to the our needs and engaged in seamless collaboration to meet all deadlines. Their promptness, abilities, and skill set were hallmarks of their work.


Executive @ Upvio

Agota Studio delivered a visually stunning and functional website. Communication was timely and fast through Slack. Their approach, planning, professionalism, and technical abilities were great!

Yordan V.

Owner, Transportation & Logistics Company

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